Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee any product that we “supply and install” against defects in manufacturing or in stallation, and normal wear for one year from the date of completion of the project. This does not cover abuse of the product by the customer.

We guarantee any product that we “install only” against defective installation, or the extent of the work performed by us, for one year. (Some manufactures, such as DuPont have a separate, longer period; in the case of Corian and Zodiaq, ten years.)

We cannot guarantee Granite, Marble, Limestone, or any other natural stone against staining. We do guarantee the fabrication and installation of it.

We recommend that any natural stone product should be sealed with a quality sealer (we recommend SLX100) at least every six months, and more often in areas where hot items are placed (the sealer comes off with exposure to heat.)

To Get a Quote

Please, email rcane174@yahoo.com or fax 650.598.9175 your blue print to us.

Indicate the material you are interested in and the edge detail you may be considering.

Edge Details

  • Granite & Marble Edge Details
  • Corian Edge Details

Which Sink Should I Purchase?

The answer really depends upon the type of material you are using for your counter top, and the mounting method that you prefer: under-mounted, top mounted (also known as self-rimming); huddee ring mounted, or seam ed flush. The types of sinks are as follows:


These sinks sit on top of the counter top and are sealed with grout or caulking. Many porcelain, cast iron, stainless steel, and quartz sinks are self rimming. Their finished edges and rounded tops are the way to recognize these types of sinks. These types of sinks are used with all types of counter top materials.


These sinks are manufactured with unfinished edges and sides with flat tops. When installed in tile tops, they are under-mounted. When installed in a laminate top, it is necessary to use a huddee ring to attach them (the metal strip around the sink).


Cast iron sinks are manufactured with unfinished sides, flat tops, and square corners. They are one of the best types of sinks to use for under-mounting in Corian, quartz, or granite tops.


Corian sinks are available for both bathroom and kitchen installation, in various shades of white. Corian bathroom sinks can be ordered in the same color as the top for an additional charge, but are not warranted by DuPont. They are seamed flush with the Corian top and give an easy to clean surface. Corian sinks are non-porous, and are guaranteed by DuPont not to stain. Soft Scrub, Comet, and bleach cleaners can be used on the sinks with a scotch-brite pad without damaging the finish.


Stainless steel sinks are great as long as they are a thicker gauge sink, a 16 or 18 gauge is recommended. The thicker gauge sinks will eliminate a lot of the “tinny” sound that many people object to. Some stainless steel sink companies make just the bowl sections separately. Stainless steel sinks are both durable and attractive. To keep them looking nice, clean them like usual, wipe them dry, and then wipe them out with a little lemon oil. This will prevent food from sticking to them and make them easier to clean. We recommend an under-mount model for Corian, other solid surface, quartz, and granite installations. We recommend top mount models for laminate installations.

What to do before the contractor arrives, or how to survive a remodel?

A.General Concerns:

We will lay packaging blankets on the floor when removing existing counter tops to protect your floors. When coving Corian backsplash, we will put up plastic in doorways and as needed to help reduce the dust. There will always be dust with coving. It is not always possible to re use garbage disposals, although we will make every effort to do so. Often, even in a fairly new disposal, the disposal will rust and be perfectly watertight in an old installation, but will not reinstall watertight on a new sink. Make sure all electronic equipment that is dust sensitive is covered in plastic before we get there, or seal the room that it is in. If a plumbing connection, such as a sink or tub, is made and not used within a few days, it may be necessary to have the pipes “Roto-Rooted”. This is caused by debris, which is washed into an unused pipe from connecting pipes. This is especially true in bathrooms that adjoin other bathrooms. There will be a dry film that will show on tile the day after installation. The dry film is from the grout which can be easily removed by wiping it with a dry cloth, then a wet cloth.

B.COUNTERTOP INSTALLATIONS before we arrive, please do the following:

  • Empty all base cabinets by removing drawers a nd all loose items from shelves.
  • Have all items off counters and window sills.
  • Have new appliances, sinks, vent hoods, faucets, etc. in kitchen or make sure contractors know their locations.
  • Indicate any old appliances that you want to be saved.
  • Close doors to bedrooms to minimize dust.
  • Lock pets in yard or bedrooms to prevent escapes, bites, or unnecessary trauma. This can be a confusing time for pets.


  • Empty all cabinets, vanities, tubs, or areas affected.
  • Remove items hanging from walls in adjoining rooms.
  • Have new appliances, sinks, hoods, faucets, etc. available for contractor.
  • Indicate terns you wish saved.
  • Lock up pets.
  • Make key available to workers for re-entry.

Please bring it to our attention immediately, if you have any questions, think that the work is not as you contracted, or the materials are not as you intended.